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‘Our aim is to be Australia’s leading Veterinary Partner, supporting the delivery of quality veterinary services to the community.’

Vets Central is establishing itself as a major force within the Australian veterinary market by acquiring veterinary clinics with a ‘non-corporate’ approach achieving this by respecting legacy, autonomy, existing branding and processes with support from our national Support Office.

Our industry firsts include providing equity to our veterinarians and providing our vendors with a fair ‘earn-out’ process!

Led by an experienced team, our national support office will focus on strengthening and improving practices through group synergies, team empowerment, training and development all whilst retaining autonomy at practice level.


Having spent many years in numerous corporate consolidation businesses, including in the veterinary industry, I have come to realise there are profound differences amongst corporate organisations. I am proud to be part of Vets Central and believe we stand out due to our unique engagement model.

Keith Nicholls

Chief Executive Officer



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